Share Wynn – Give Them Love

zed-tone records presents Share Wynn with “Give Them Love”

This is a story of a father who flees from war, violence and poverty. He loses the most valuable to him on the run, his son. …

With the advice of his parents, Share Wynn began to play piano at elementary school age. His enthusiasm for learning English lyrics grew with him at the age of 7 … In 2008, Share Wynn wrote his first English song titled “Tell me who I am”. This was the beginning of his love of songwriting. Meanwhile, Share Wynn has a repertoire of more than 20 of his own compositions, including the current single “Give Them Love”.
2011 as a pre-college student of the University of Music Würzburg in Classical Singing under the direction of tenor Prof. Christian Elsner. Since 2017 there is a cooperation with the producer and songwriter Zafer Yilmaz (also known as Zed). zed-tone records Wiesbaden/Germany