Zed feat. De Wayne – Money Talks

With “Money Talks” De Wayne has now finally linked the financial and the music world and critically                                  questioned the way people deal with the “green god” in his lyrics.

Zed, who has already been live on stage with De Wayne, has musically presented his artistic examination of current trends and discourses in times of the pandemic and finamce with “Money Talks”.
“Money Talks” clearly shows the imbalance between wealth and poverty that still exists.                                                          Billions are poured into the military, gambling and tax gifts for the rich. A society in which money rules and which has only one God – and he is “green”.
De Wayne
De Wayne began his career as a singer and artist in 1998 at the “Sound of Frankfurt”.
With his band SUAVE he performed in front of over 200,000 people in the heart of the Main metropolis Frankfurt on the HR stage. In 2002 the EP “Let this love be real” followed by the single of the same name and the cover “Bakerstreet”, which was created with 3P producer “Bobby Sattler”. In 2004 De Wayne signed an Album deal with BMG Berlin, now SonyBMG and released his successful single “Alles was bleibt” and his album “Close up”. Over 750,000 sold records and 8 weeks in the German charts testify to the great success of this cooperation. Performances on TV shows like “The Dome”, “Top of the Pops”, “Bravo TV” and “Comet” followed, as well as TV appearances on popular formats on MTV, VIVA and at live concerts in front of thousands of spectators.
In 2008 the EP “Lauschangriff” was produced with producer Greg Deneufville, who had already contributed songs to the album “Close up”.
In mid-2020 he collaborated with producer and songwriter Zed on the song “Money Talks”. With this song, both artists wanted to shine a critical light on and question political developments, like the widening gap between the rich and the poor and the increasing religious worship of America’s green goddess „the Dollar“ in times of the pandemic, with all its consequences.